Hockey Planner App.

Hockey Planner is an app where hockey players can add their availability for upcoming training and or matches. The players collect points for attending these events and they can win a prize at the end of a season. In my role as the UX/UI designer, I went through the process of user research, creating a brand, and translating this into a prototype.


UI Design
UX Research


Thomas Koster


6 weeks

The Problem.

At hockey club, “MHC De Reigers” certain teams have a lower training attendance compared to other teams. Research showed that about 58% of the players attend weekly training which is too low and has an impact on the overall result of the teams.

Key Insights.

During my research, I interviewed various other teams. I concluded that the current method of communication is through What's App but due to an overkill of messages, a lot of them are left unanswered or aren't even read.

This results in irritations and certain frustration in the teams. On top of that, a lot of simple questions are raised, through What's App as well such as:

  • Do we play in our home/away kit?

  • Where do we play our match?

  • At what time do we gather?

  • At what time do we play?

  • ...

The key solution.

Ultimately the core solution is to have an app in which we proactively can visualize the information for an upcoming event. On top of that, the player can point out if he is available or not. The idea of making it more rewarding through gamification makes it more appealing for the players to participate in training and or a match.

Design Solutions.

01. Clear overview

Creating a clean overview where the teammates can see all relevant information, they need for a hockey match or training.

02. Collect points & achievements

Collect points by attending different types of hockey activities. For attending a training you collect the highest number of points

03. Fill in the details.

The data for sports moments will be collected through three screens.

  • Availability for training and or matches

  • Who scored the goals

  • Who gave the assists


There are 5 ways to collect points. You collect the most points (10 pts) for attending a training.


To motivate players, you can earn achievements based on different criteria. Through some level of gamification, the players will be teased to become more active for themselves and the team.


Lo-Fi Wireframes.

Hi-Fi Wireframes.